Antlantic Jellymen

In the wild world of jellyfish hunting off the coast of Georgia, these brave souls fight the elements to work together and beat the season to bring home the biggest haul they can.


The world's best drone builders and pilots must design and create the ultimate flying machines to be able to conquer ever-changing obstacles and win points to avoid being knocked out of the competition.


Two pro chefs hunt down recipes forged by home cooks to compete head to head. They have 1 hour to re-create the home cooks recipe under the watchful eye of their amateur cook as well as in front of a panel of expert judges.


In the high desert of California is a harsh dry wasteland where airplanes go to die. Six specialized operators from the school of hard knocks use specialized machines on a demolition pad of concrete six feet deep and the area of a football field to strip airplanes down to bare metal and recycle over a million pounds of aluminum every year. Each day brings a new challenge so everyday starts with a Wrecking Plan.


The Dating Show Where Contestants Find Love In A Stranger's Pocket.


Three rival horse racing syndicates battle as financial, social, and sexual conflicts explode to redefine this Sport of Kings- it's all about winning.


Charged and Disbarred explores real life crimes perpetrated by those trusted with the law, finding restitution for the innocent victims whose voices will finally be heard.


In the midst of troubling times Paul and Yuila Coate were scrabbling to make ends meet, until they hit upon a great idea. A cup of coffee. And thus Seattle's Foxy Ladies coffee chain was born. With its scantily-clad baristas, this steamy coffee house was bound to take off, and six years and 13 locations later, business is booming.


Contestants compete for cash prizes by answering trivia questions while riding an elevator all before they reach their floor!

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